Florida lifestyle

For as long as I can remember, Florida has always felt like a second home to me. My family regularly escaped our harsh Canadian winters in order to enjoy the warm ocean breeze, help us recharge our batteries, play some golf, or go to Disney! Many Canadians have second homes in the Sunshine State, particularly in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami, but not limited to those areas.

Canadians truly have a longstanding love for Florida. Some look further than the basic vacation potential, and consider it a fantastic area for investing since it’s financially attractive, rental opportunities are rewarding, and the fixer-upper market is one of the strongest in the US . Despite the US dollar being considerably high at the moment, it  hasn’t stopped Canadians from purchasing (short or long term) or investing! 


“Florida is the top U.S. residential purchase destination among Canadians! On average, Canadians purchase almost $5 billion of real estate annually. Canadians own about $60 billion in residential properties in Florida and contribute over $600 million annually in property taxes. Most Canadian buyers are snowbirds who intend to use their property as vacation homes. More than two-thirds of the residential purchases are detached single-family homes located in suburban areas. Almost 80% of Canadian buyers made an all-cash purchase for homes with an average price of $242,000, with only a small percentage requiring traditional mortgage financing.”

Source: https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/united-states-of-america-etats-unis-amerique/florida.aspx?lang=eng


Having personally lived in Florida myself, I’m confident in my ability to help provide you with the best the Sunshine State has to offer! Working in collaboration with The Manglardi Group at Cross Country Mortgage, together we can guide you through the process of buying a home using the “Foreign National Program”, which allows you to use your Canadian Credit to obtain a mortgage in the USA.

I also work with many top performing Residential and Commercial agents in the some of the most sought-out locations: Fort-Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Pensacola and more. 

As your transaction progresses, I can provide you with all the follow up contractors you will require: inspectors, lawyers (including immigration lawyers for those seeking permanent residence), accountants, property managers. Our relationship continues even after your purchase. 

Whether you want a beachfront condo, a rental investment near Disney, or simply a community home to retire at, Florida has it all.

Call me today to find out how I can help you make your Florida dreams come true!